Malibu Real Estate Investments LLC

 Architectural Residential Real Estate Development

Bedros Oruncakiel was born in Turkey and moved to United States in 1982. When Bedros moved to the United States, he started developing commercial Real Estate in the heart of Los Angeles and purchased the formal Block's Department store and turned it into one of the biggest wholesale Jewelry marts in the country, also known as The San Vincent Jewelry Center. Throughout his time developing in downtown Los Angeles, Bedros purchased many other buildings, including his first project together with his current Real Estate developing partner Kirkor Suri and other partners forming SAMKO general partnership, whom purchased the Greyhound bus terminal turning it into a Fashion District Retail Center. After working in Los Angeles together for many years, Bedros and Kirkor purchased a high traffic corner lot in Thousand Oaks with the MOS Ltd. partnership. This lot was seen as the city's "Centerpiece" and had three separate commercial buildings. Then in 1999 Bedros and Kirkor, took their interest in Real Estate development and came to Malibu to start developing residential Architectural homes. They continue to develop residential homes in Malibu currently and have successfully been in many Architectural Digest Magazines, Blogs, and Newspaper Articles for their work in Malibu. Bedros also recently developed outside of Malibu and has built fifty lofts in the Art District in downtown Los Angeles. 

Kirkor Suri was born in Turkey and immigrated to the United States in 1977. Kirkor starting developing commercial buildings in Los Angeles, CA. Kirkor and Hacik, Kirkor's cousin, purchased Western Federal Savings building and turned it into one of the most popular jeweler markets in Los Angeles. Some of the projects include jeweler marts/plazas, a shopping center, and an apartment building. Most of his projects were published in many well-known newspapers such as "The Washington Post" and "The Los Angeles Times". Kirkor continued to develop in Los Angeles, but in 1986 he purchased a lot in Thousand Oaks with a couple of business partners, where they built a shopping center that had 3 standing commercial buildings along with an anchor tenant, Taco Bell. Shortly after Kirkor and Bedros, Kirkor’s current Real Estate developing partner, formed SAMKO general partnership and purchased a Greyhound bus terminal in the center of the garment district in Los Angeles. Then in 1988, Kirkor and Bedros put MOS Ltd. Partnership together, and purchased a property with three separate commercial buildings on a popular area in Thousand Oaks. Since 1999 when Kirkor and Bedros decided to start developing residential Real Estate in Malibu, Malibu RE Investments LLC have worked with many well-known Architects such as, Doug Burdge, Jay Vanos, and Ed Niles, to create renowned architectural homes.